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header Thanks for enjoying this year’s harvest. We're looking forward to another massive crop next year.

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Join us in celebrating the work of the father of modern pasta, Alfonso Dente. In 1910, after planting the first spaghetti vine in the countryside of Italy, Alfonso was lampooned by locals for his now visionary act. But soon, genius flourished and he became the patriarch of what is now known as the very first Pasta Harvest. Recent discoveries of documents showing the original pasta plants and the evolution tree of the pasta family, has sparked an interest from the young and old to the Pasta Harvest practices of Mr. Dente. Learn about the full history of the first pasta harvest here. Grow your own pasta! The pasta growing process has been around as long as Alfonso Dente, and you can take that very same knowledge and inspiration to grow your pasta. The Pasta Growers of America has put together a simple narrative on what it takes to be the best pasta grower. Read it, study it and apply it to be the best pasta grower in your local community. Click Here for More Information.


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